Philip French
The Observer 05/12/10:

THE BE ALL AND END ALL (95mins, 15)

The strength of this directorial debut by an experienced producer resides in the warm friendship it establishes between its central characters, the 15-year-old Liverpool schoolboys Robbie (Josh Bolt) and Ziggy (Eugene Byrne), both newcomers to acting.

However, the story in which they appear is a little tricky and at times somewhat distasteful: Robbie has an incurable heart disease, is determined to lose his virginity before his untimely death, and persuades his chum to find a woman to have sex with him for love, money or feminine duty.

There is a likeable performance from Liza Tarbuck as the big-hearted nurse in charge of Robbie's hospital ward, but the direction is often uneasy and the acting tentative.

A couple of years ago Mark Herman's PURELY BELTER, a lively tale of the friendship between two Tyneside teenage lads, made impressive use of Antony Gormley's steel sculpture Angel of the North.

THE BE ALL AND END ALL concludes with a remarkable long shot of Ziggy meeting his long-estranged father on Crosby Beach in the midst of the 100 cast-iron figures that make up Gormley's equally spectacular "Another Place".