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    Quote Originally Posted by will.15 View Post
    The very best one is The Long Good Friday.
    I recommend The Long Good Friday as well ...............But that trailer gives the film's twist away.:-(

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    Dylan beat me to it with Night and the City, but if you fancy a black & white film with Soho scenes try and get hold of The Small World of Sammy Lee. Not so much a gangster film as those mentioned before but worth watching. Also Passport to Shame.

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    Villain , The Flesh is Weak, The Frightened City, Too Hot to Handle .

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    Sweeney and Sweeney 2 (2 being the better)

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    Quote Originally Posted by popeye View Post
    Two to add to the list by Nathan are "essex boys" (sean bean) and a terrible one called "hardmen" dont know the guys name's but one was in londons burning,(and should have stay'd there)
    There is also Bonded by Blood which (along with Rise of the Footsoldier) is the third film based on the Rettendon murders.

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    Charlie with Luke Goss as gang boss Charlie Richardson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariocki View Post:
    I was very disappointed by In Bruges but I know I'm in the minority there.

    You're not a minority, it didn't get me on a first view, I think the mix of humour, drama, methaphysic and the thriller line falled down, but as it's in my local media library, I may give another try ... anyway it's always a pleasure to watch the very good Brendan Gleeson

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