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    A strange career for an Irishman named Cohen. It's hard to find out much about him, but he started out directing film adaptions of tv series such as a very good Till Death Us Do Part (1969) and Dad's Army (1972) amongst others. Then, sadly, for some reason ended up directing several of the "Confession's of...." crap in the mid late 70's, before going to America where nothing much happend apart from one project and then dying at the age of just 47.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pelam123 View Post
    Then, sadly, for some reason ended up directing several of the "Confession's of...." crap in the mid late 70's......
    Yes I consider them crap too but they have their followers.

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    I met Norman on a number of occasions...the last was when he was directing 'Stand up Virgin Soldiers'...a really nice guy. I spoke about 'The London Nobody Knows'...his brilliant documentary on London , narrated by James Mason...a film they both loved. Norman admited himself that he was no Billy Wilder but loved the movies...and although he was put with cheap films he was left alone to make what ever he wanted as long as they made a profit. Who knows what he would have made if he had lived a little longer?
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