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    Picked this up from my local cx on Tuesday for �10 , watched it last night and this morning , and got to say what a fantastic series it was , some good guest stars , john Junkin, Andrew paul , Brian Cox Brian coucher , and of course Tom bell, Lynn Farleigh & a family friend in Barbara Keogh& of course Lyinda la plant playing some welsh Tart was also in it as well, some excellent locations i presume it was filmed round West London as reckonised lots of shots of Hammersmith broadway (before one way system that is)
    Great british 70s drama what more could you ask for ?

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    That was a great series. Tom Bell was fabulous in it!

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    Out is one of my favourite 70s programmes .... it's a shame they never made the proposed second series.

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    Tom bell is a fave of mine too out is a really good gritty series ....

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    Yes I really enjoyed it and Tom Bell was superb

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    Totally agree with previous posts. Great series, about time they showed it again. Does the Frank Ross character remind anybody of a large screen British gangster?

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    Definitely a classic. Grittier than "Hazell" and "The Gentle Touch". "Fox" was the only series to come close - IMO

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