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    Many years ago, who knows exactly how many, between 10 and 20, I saw some brief late night short film, a few minutes - maybe 15 to 20 tops, but probably less, which for some reason I remember as starring Martin Cloones and the other guy off men behaving badly but I'm fairly sure that is not at all accurate and it was not those two guys (but it could have been).

    Two blokes in an office of some kind and a cloning machine. It was short, bizarre and dark.

    I also saw a similarly short bizarre dark film in the last 5 years or so of a car sitting waiting at a red light in the desert for ages then the light turns green so it slowly begins to move and at that point a big truck knocks it down, I think.

    Anyway, the chances of anyone having a clue about the second one is pretty slim but maybe someone might have by chance also seen the cloning one? (The similarity betwen cloones' name and the word clone means it's almost entirely unlikely that it really was cloones involved, so try and just go by the plot rather than by the potential appearance of cloonesy).

    Cheers, if anyone does happen to know about this. If not, well, you had something surreal to think about anyway.

    (The Zog)

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    could it be 'the chrono-perambulator' starring charles dance and bill patterson? in this film4 short, two edwardian gentleman travel back in time in the 'chrono-perambulator' only to be killed by cavemen and subsequently their bones are found in an archelogical dig in their own era.

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    The second one sounds similar to a closing scene of No Country for Old Men, except it wasn't in a desert, although much of the action of the movie does happen in a desert, and he wasn't stopped at traffic lights, just driving very, very carefully. The exact rules of American crossways have always eluded me...!

    Oh.... and it wasn't exactly a truck that hit him either.... ... although big enough to be one, if it was in England.
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    I assume the second one isn't this. A red light in the desert?

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