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    While on the subject of Will Hay, I have been tempted to buy "The Goose Steps Out", but is it true that some of the most funny scenes from the film are missing from the DVD release?

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    The Goose Steps Out DVDs are notorious for being the edited (American?) version. I think the main things missing are the extended classroom scene where Will teaches the pupils to mispronounce British place names and a scene in the train.

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    The fullest version of The Goose Steps Out that I have seen was shown on BBC2 in the 1980s, running at just over 72 minutes. When the rights of the film transferred to C4 the print shown was cut near the beginning, missing some of the opening scenes including the dialogue in the train carriage just after Will has been parachuted into Germany. The Optimum dvd has the scenes cut from the C4 print, but is still the shortest, running at just over 66 minutes.


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