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Thread: Queenies Castle

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    Was looking on my local market for some old Dvd boxsets and came across an early 70s series called Qc, in which Diana Doors starred as the mother of a Disfunctional family, it also Starred Tony caunter, who played Roy in Eastenders

    Never heard of this series before anybody on here remember it

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    I remember it well Flame. A decade before we encountered the dodgy Trotter family in Peckham's Nelson Mandela House we met the dodgy Shepherd family in Leeds's Margaret Rose House.... it didn't seem particularly funny to me back then, and the few clips I've seen since suggest it has dated badly. Might be worth revisiting if only for the nostalgia value, harking back to a time when ITV churned out curiously vulgar, "common" comedy like this, Love Thy Neighbour, On The Buses, Rising Damp and Wheeltappers & Shunters. Imagine "Kes" as a sitcom but without the falcon and you wouldn't be far off the mark. It even starred Lynne Perrie and "Arr Jud" Freddie Fletcher.

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