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    I remember watching a film as a child, which I possibly didn't understand fully at the time. Whilst I don't remember much detail about the plot, there are a couple of things that I do remember, and these have stayed with me. I would love to find out more about this film, and hopefully watch it again.

    Here is what I remember: this was a black and white movie about a group of children (and possibly a carer / nanny) that took refuge in an old building (possibly a church - I remember there being rafters). The film opens with a child leaving a house by the gate and walking up a street, being joined by other children on the way. It is possible that this first child's parents were moving house. There is something not right about this group of children (think cult-like / paranormal / Midwich cuckoos), and as the story progresses, a stand-off develops. At some point, the army is called to surround the church, with field guns being set up. At the end of the film, a soldier (who has been continually tapping a knife or pen) in command of the signal to fire accidentally hits the signal button, and the building is fired upon. This is all I have. :)

    If anyone can shed any light on this, I would be very grateful.


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    Sounds like Children of the Damned (1963), Matthew.

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    Gerald - you are awesome! :)

    I have searched for this film for years, and just like that, you knew what it was. Thank you!

    I have just read through the synopsis on Wikipedia, and I am quite surprised how much I remembered... all I have to do is find it now.

    Thanks again!

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    You might also like to see Village of the Damned (1960)
    Based on John Wyndham's story "The Midwich Cuckoos"


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    You can now buy both Damned films together on DVD:

    Currently �4.97 at Amazon

    One thing I didn't realise, until after seeing both films again a couple of months ago, was that the spooky lights in the childrens' eyes were only added for the American release, which is the only version I've seen. As the reviewer says, it was a missed opportunity not to include both:

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