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    Just got the Dvd box set of the 4 Confessions films thats Window, cleaner, Holiday Camp, Pop performer & Driving instructor , great to see these again and as they were all filmed local to me , its good to spot tjhe locations, , in the Holiday camp we saw that Lewis collins was credited as one of the Rugby players, but couldnt find him in it,

    Was trying to work out where the Holiday camp was filmed , its obviously not Margate, hastings etc with Trees & woodlands in background , my guess is the lake scenes were round the Borehamwood area , and the Lido was probably Rulslip, or Rickmansworth Agadome , and there seemed to be lots of scenes off A1 which is now full of shops and offices

    Obviously people have forgotten these films as Years go by because in 2008, Robin Askwith put the Bucket used in window cleaner, up for acution on Ebay & only got �200 for it, when he put scripts up, he oonly got bid of �76.00 he didnt sell them

    My boss at work, remembers when they filmed these in mid 70s, she was in her teens , and they all used to sneakl down to see if they could get on set, lots of youngsters used in bit parts, which she says was a laugh , she didnt but plenty of her friends did

    Naked Birds on set which i had been extra

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    I like the Confession films for a bit of light-hearted escapism. It's a shame a few busoms get in the way of the screen, but there you go.

    I actually liked the Robin Askwith films especially as I think he plays the part of Timmy Lea annoyingly well. They don't compare with the Carry On films too well, but okay for fun viewing. The Pop Performer one is undoubtedly the best in my view. Some decent British actors appear in it as well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wellendcanons View Post
    The Pop Performer one is undoubtedly the best in my view. Some decent British actors appear in it as well.
    And album covers. I've identified all but one of the twelve shown in OTBFAN's screencaps, ft. Sheila White and Doris Hare
    (page 9 of Record Sleeves in Films). The latest features Daniel Barenboim, who I thought for so long was Johnny Mathis!:

    A blurred Barenboim in Confessions of a Pop Performer (1975) coupled with a clearer Barenboim in Paris (HMV, 1973)

    The Michael Klinger Papers: Images

    Includes galleries for all the Confessions films, on pages 2 & 3, along with more distinguished credits in the sadly-late producer's career
    like Repulsion, Get Carter, Something to Hide (still waiting for a DVD release) and classic documentary The London Nobody Knows.

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    I always felt the Confessions movies were a logical extension/update of the Carry On movies.

    By the 70's Carry On movies were on the wane, though the fact that some of the later ones allowed even more nudity was a kind of double edged sword - on one hand it was a desperate attempt to draw in audiences because they were being rapidly seen as old-fashioned, but by the early 70's nudity was becoming more acceptable in movies so they could get away with it.

    The large number of English character and comedy actors that populated the Confessions movies (and other similar films of their ilk) help to lend that traditional, typically British air to these movies, plus the seaside-postcard style humour and elements of farce.

    And lets face it the sex was quite tame...just tit and bum stuff. They could never in the true sense be classed as porn.

    Having seen them as a kid (managed to sneak into cinemas under age a few times), I do have fond memories of them though.

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    the lake/beach scenes from holiday camp were filmed at ruislip lido

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    Takes me back as a kid trying to watch them on VHS without my parents finding out great films slap and tickle kind of stuff

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    In the 1970s, the cinema in Great Britain was in the doldrums, with cinemas closing down one after another rapidly. We showed a lot of those soft porn sex films, which we called 'tit an' arse' pictures and were known in the trade as 'sucker bait'. The films were dreadful and would never have won any awards, but they did bring in a certain clientele who kept the cash in the pay box jingling. I noticed a lot of good British actors in them and I used to think "Well, they must be really desperate for money to appear in rubbish like this!" If I'd have been them, I'd have been too embarrassed to show my face after appearing in one of those things.

    I once asked the boss why we couldn't show a proper film every week like we used to instead of those things and he told me: "David, we're in this business to make money and we'll show anything that makes money!" "Well, we could show something like King of Kings for a change", I said. "These days", he said, "they wouldn't go from here to the end of the street to see King of Kings. This is what they seem to want now and this is what we'll give 'em!" The truth is that there was a chronic shortage of proper 'U' certificate family films at the time and too many soft porn 'X' films, meaning the cinemas were chronically short of really high quality films to show. Added to that was the huge problem that the film companies had sold too many old and classic films to television for quick money and the films were no longer on catalogue for cinemas to rent.
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