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    All good things come to those who wait (33 years in this case) ...

    This product will be in stock on Monday 25 April, 2011.

    My first memories of both Del Henney and Wanda Ventham

    During a floodlit rugby match, rugby league star Gareth Hopkins sustains an injury that abruptly and cruelly ends his career. And when his marriage falls apart, leaving him to bring up his baby daughter alone, his life is in tatters; whatever job he can find is his only immediate prospect. But Gareth is a man who always seems to land on his feet. His fortunes change when a family legacy enables him to buy a beautiful house, and his former rugby club beg him to return as a director. His new girlfriend, Rebecca, is sleek, cool, and beautiful. But Gareth comes to realise that there is only one thing he wants, and cannot get out of his mind: his ex-wife, Dorothy.

    Starring Del Henney (Straw Dogs) and Wanda Ventham (UFO), Fallen Hero traces a man’s struggle to rebuild his life and regain self-respect, and the journey of a troubled family through love, loss, bitterness and reconciliation. This set contains both series.

    Fantastic news. I'm particularly interested in a scene with an actress in a blue dressing-gown. Might be Marged Esli as I seem to remember her being Welsh! Apparently, fellow-member Geronimo (who we haven't seen for a long time) was one of the other rugby players. He mentions this in the second of these two threads: (started 25th March 2007) (6th July 1978)

    It is SO LONG since this hidden gem was last seen that I've often confused its title with the better known film The Fallen Idol. Not for much longer! Another good thing about this release is that the set includes both series. I wish it had been that way with the more expensive Man at the Top. Really, really looking forward to seeing Fallen Hero again.
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    That's really excellent news, Cornershop. I remember this as a very strong and compelling serial, a typical gritty northern drama of the time. I still have the tie-in paperback, which in those days was the closest you could get to actually "owning" a TV series.

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    This is good news. An excellent series that I thoroughly enjoyed & I had a tremendous crush on Victoria Williams!

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