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    Starring Stacy Keach, Carol White, Stephen Boyd, David Hemmings and Freddie Starr.

    Squeeze, The DVD - Warner Bros. Archive: - The Official Online Store of Warner Bros. Studios

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    Good to know it's available, and in the correct format - watched it recently on video from probably the last TV screening on Ch5, and pan and scan certainly didn't do it justice. A great, under-rated movie, which brings back 70s London more effectively for me than any other film. But I'm not sure I'd want to see Carol White's striptease again - without doubt the most depressing and unerotic (deliberately so of course) in the history of the cinema.

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    Will it be avaiable in uk as well

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    IMHO with Messrs Boyd, Fox, Hemmings and White what's not to like

    Now to fund an American friend.....

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    Thanks for the link all we need do now is sponser an american to buy this and repost it to the UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dadwasinflame View Post
    Will it be avaiable in uk as well
    No. There are several places in the US that sell Warner DVDs on demand.

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