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    Definitely early 1970s, as I was at junior school when this was on TV. American.
    A family are subjected to repeated acts of intimidation, damage to their property etc culminating in the family dog being run over. I seem to remember a 'Dulux' type shaggy dog.
    The dad then flips, goes to house/garage and grabs shotgun. You can imagine the rest.

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    This one rings a bell, a TV movie, something is thrown through a window and hits the maid, she screams, Dad takes his revenge towards the end, I don't blame him, I recall it being on when I was at School as I recall talking about it to a mate the next day, 1974/75 abouts, the title completely escapes me though.

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    Probably this - the dog is mentioned in the user reviews:

    Outrage (TV 1973) - IMDb


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    Definitely Outrage. Just had a look at the start of the film on YouTube. Those early 70s West Coast punks! They look like they've just come out of The Brady Bunch.

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