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    This movie was somehow based around something stolen and then located in a house where all sorts of residents are chasing eacthother around for varying reasons. The Police are there too chasing around, plus there are the sexual innuendoes where all those prople are actually having affairs with eathother.
    The movie was in colour, starred known actors and actresses (although I can't recall names - Maybe Barry Evans was there, ) the women were scantly clad, and all in all the movie was colourful throughout. Name...I do not know but I remember thinking at the last time I saw it, " Gee, I wonder if they will ever invent anything that will record TV"
    Please can you help?

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    Maybe Loot?

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    Barry Evans was in "here we go round the mulberry bush" where he went to a girlfriends house and they where all sneaking around in the night to each others bedrooms but nothing was stolen in that film

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    Possibly Adventures of a Taxi Driver, which starred Barry Evans, which involved some stolen diamonds and if I remember rightly were hidden in a house where the police turned up lookin for them.

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    Sounds like it could be Loot.

    Loot (1972) - IMDb

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