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    The Way Ahead

    I'm curious about where The Way Ahead was filmed, and in some scenes, how it was filmed.

    Does anyone know...

    - Which army camp/s was/were used in the training scenes?

    - Was it really Crewe station that appeared several times? I know other films were made on the real platform there, like Brief Encounter.

    - Where were the scenes filmed that depicted the North African village? It really looked real, very hot and dry and Mediterranean. Was it all an elaborate set?

    - In the scenes where the ship sinks, did they set fire to a real ship? It looks so real, and the action and stunts are fantastic for the time, it doesn't look like stunt men either. Did they actually blow up a real ship?

    - In the street battle scenes it all looks like it's actually filmed in streets being blown up, as opposed to stock footage being tacked in. I'd think if they were using stock footage filmed in real battles it wouldn't look as good a grade of film stock, and it would be a bit more shaky. Plus you see the actors running passed buildings as they explode, or at least it looks that way. Was the entire African village a big set? If so, where? Was it a real village? Did they perhaps actually go to a safe African country and film there despite the war?

    Even if it's all made in a pinewood set it's so well made it's seemless, and it puts many films made later and with bigger budgets to shame.The characters, story, actors, stunts and poignancy are all top notch. Scenes where they are all singing, like when Tessue O'Shea is visiting the camp, or in the Frenchman's cafe', just magical - they give me goosebumps.

    Is anyone else here a fan of the film?

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    The IMDB lists Denham Studios and Surrey for being locations,but does anyone know where the final part of the film was filmed,in supposedly North Africa?

    Ta Ta

    Marky B

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