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    Hi everyone.

    Can anyone help me with this TV serial? It's a psychological thriller, probably from the late 1970s.

    There's an eccentric old man whose hobby is recording all kinds of background noise on a tape recorder. One of his tapes is of people talking in a restaurant or pub. When he listens to it closely he hears the conversation is actually about planning a major crime. But when he plays the tape to the police, the conversation is missing. Has the tape been switched, or is he going mad and imagining things?

    IIRC my dad must've thought the story was too scary for me, since I don't think I was allowed to see the end! Didn't he realise that would just make it worse!

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    Thanks. That might be it, although the 1980 date is a bit later than I thought, and you'd think I should've remembered Mrs. McClusky was in it! But I'll definitely check it out and let you know. Either way, it looks like an interesting programme.

    If that is it, then you people are brilliant! Asking here is much better than spending hours Googling combinations of words like British TV Drama Serial Tape Recorder Conversation Crime and not getting anywhere. How do you do it?

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