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    Hi guys & gals,
    First of all many thanks to all who managed to help me out on locating the last movie I asked about, your help was much appreciated.
    I am now trying to locate a movie about a bank robbery , think it might have actually been the Bank of England in the 70's or 80's and I think Brian Murphy was one of the actors, but not sure on this, but this particular actor (the husband of one of the ladies who worked at the bank). Two ladies worked in the bank and stole bank notes that were destined for destruction. The two ladies and their husbands were in on the robbery and they were caught when they started spending the money. Any help on the title of this move would be much appreciate as always.
    Best wishes as always and you all have a great Easter.
    The Doc

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    It is way too recent for your time period, but it sounds like this.

    Hot Money (TV 2001) - IMDb

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