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    (originally posted on my more regular haunt, a heavy metal board, which was absolutely no help at all)

    This may all be a single shot.

    Two cops in plainclothes are going to an apartment, muttering to each other about having to deal with this bullshit noise complaint. They talk while going up the steps and down the hall, and when they get to the door, they knock, and the door opens and one of them says "Mrs. (neighbour) down the hall wants you to keep it down, you're making way too much noise" and they step into a very active crime scene with police doing police shit all over the place. Since the line would be appropriate when they were first called in to investigate the noise, as well as when they were telling the now numerous police to keep it down because you're pissing off the neighbours, within a single shot we just took a leap forward in time even though the camera's never come off the cops, I don't think. There may have been some CGI in making the transition.

    This transition blew my mind. I saw this years ago and I'm pretty sure it was during my stoner days I also seem to recall the plot devolving after that into some pretty standard "rogue former cold war secret agent is the ultimate hit man" thing.
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