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    Another movie maybe in the middle of the '70's but saw in the '90's.
    The story was about 2 young lovers (18-20 y.o.) that live in a little town in U.S.A.!
    The movie was surely an American film & one of my friend recognize Bernadette Peters like actress (about the things I talked to him).
    I remembered very well the tension in the families for that love affair but I don't remembered why this!
    I remembered him.a tall guy with maybe glasses typical '70's style for wearing and her with curly long black hairs.
    I remembered sure a classical American long red car of the '60's-'70's like this
    Nothing more I remembered.

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    When I first read your description I immediately thought of "Endless Love" with Brook Shields IMDb - Endless Love (1981) I think James Spader played her older Brother and wore glasses in it.

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    Sorry,just today I've seen your answer,but unfortunately it isn't right.
    My movie was a simple story,maybe like Film for tv.
    Anyhow,thanks for your reply.
    A question;Who is in your Avatar photo ???
    She's someone of the '70's ??!!

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    It's Bonnie Langford, I believe.


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