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    Hi all wondered if anyone can shed any light on a film that has been bugging me for years it was a black and white crime caper which ended with them racing around london on an old fire engine for the guy to get the girl please help Thanks

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    Re: british crime caper

    Go to Blazes (1962)? That was in colour though.
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    i think cornershop is gorrect! i'm sure there was a thread about 'go to blazes' a while ago?

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    It's not British or set in London, but there's a fire engine chase finale in the black and white Abbott and Costello film called In Society (1944).

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    Could it be "Passport to Shame". I haven't seen it for ages but I seem to remember a blazing building at the climax of the film and a girl (Odile Versois) getting rescued from it by Eddie Constantine and his mates while Herbert Lom fell to his death.

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