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    This my favourite of the Panther movies and bought a temporary halt in the decline of Peter Sellers movie career over the previous few years (Blockhouse, Ghost in the Noonday Sun, Great McGonagall etc).
    The visual gags come thick and fast, from cars in swimming pools, flying lightbulbs, bombs in flats, and kung-fu with Cato in a restaurant.
    I think my favourite scene though is near the beginning with a priceless cameo from John Bluthal as a blind lookout on a bank robbery.

    Clouseau: 'How can a blind man be a lookout'?
    Dreyfus : 'How can an idiot be a police inspector'!

    It's full of Sellers friends putting him at ease including Graham Stark, David Lodge and Victor Spinetti: 'You want a reum'?

    Wonderful stuff and a welcome return to form for the great man.

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    Yes it's a very funny film with many great moments. A Shot in the Dark is my favourite Clouseau film - but this one is the best of the Panther films.
    Also contains Clouseau's first use of "... and then the case will be sol-ved"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigon Man View Post
    It's full of Sellers friends putting him at ease including Graham Stark, David Lodge and Victor Spinetti: 'You want a reum'?
    Not always that good a friend - Victor Spinetti relates in his bio and one man show that Sellers had final cut on the film and most of Spinetti's role ended up on the cutting room floor. He only found out at the premiere in Gstaad. Spinetti's friends Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were incensed and gatecrashed the movie party and helped Spinetti upstage Sellers in the press reports.
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    It is the perhaps the best of the "Panther" films and I agree with markrgv that A Shot In The Dark was the best of the Clouseau films. After "return" they got too silly. Personally,I prefer Sellers' earlier films such as Two Way Stretch and The Wrong Arm. For me,he got too big headed as international fame beckoned and as Windthrop suggested,he didn't seem too loyal to his friends.
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