I am a man on a mission. I am going to create a website dedicated to Reginald Alec Martin; a children's writer who published a huge number of books in the 50s and 60s under various pseudonyms, most notably Robert Martin (Joey), E C Eliott (Kemlo) and Rex Dixon (Pocomoto).

Two of his stories were filmed by The Children's Film Foundation: Soapbox Derby (1958) and Raiders of the River (1956). It would be great to be able to see these films but I imagine this could be difficult. I would like to compare the films to the books and even some stills would help, I would like to put some on the website.

While I am on, my colleague on the project has a very good website about Monica Edwards. One of her books was also made into a film by the CFF - The Dawn Killer (1959). We have yet to see that too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It is not easy to find anything about Reginald Martin and I am trying to put feelers out all over the place.

I know all things are possible because another harebrained escapade led to me getting the rights to yet another CFF film, Treasure at the Mill, and releasing it on DVD. Incidentally, a few copies of this are still available. You need to visit The Malcolm Saville Society website.