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    Of course all accessories work!

    I�d choose Rorschach for the cool factor (unless I could bend the rules a bit and try to make out that the exo-suit at the end of District 9 is an accessory).

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    There's a character called Rorschach? Or are you going to the party as a butterfly shaped ink-blotch?

    My son had a hankering after a Catweazle outfit a couple of years back. Put it on his Christmas list. Bless. Crestfallen when I explained that Catweazle merchandise was a tad thin on the ground these days and that he was a victim of Dad's obsession with old TV shows.

    We made a nice one in the end!

    Personally, I have one of Peter Sellers'/Clouseau's dress uniforms from a Pink Panther film, so I usually wear that if I really must go to a fancy dress.
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    General Grievous

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    I nominate cornershop20 to dress up as Blakey of "On the Buses".

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