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    The Saturday Play
    BBC Radio4 ... Saturday 9th July 2011 ... 9.00-10.00pm
    The Vanishing

    Rex's girlfriend mysteriously disappears from a petrol station without a trace ... The Vanishing is a chilling love story in which a man goes to great lengths, at whatever the cost, to discover what exactly happened to his girlfriend. Rex is so haunted by her inexplicable and total vanishing ... his journey and obsession to uncover the truth, to find out what really happened to her, lasts 8 long years ...

    This radio version is dramatised by Oliver Emanuel, from Tim Krabbe's cult novella The Golden Egg. The title was changed to the more mysterious The Vanishing.

    Director George Sluizer filmed The Vanishing twice ... the original Dutch version was shot in 1988 ... Spoorloss (Without a Trace) starring Gene Bervoets as Rex Hofman, Joanna ter Steege as Saskia Wagter and Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu as Raymond Lemorne ... and received great critical acclaim ... Sluizer re-made the film in English, in 1993, starring Keifer Sutherland as Jeff Harriman, Sandra Bullock as Diane Shaver and Jeff Bridges as Barney Cousins.

    I've seen the US version which is good ... but I've heard (I haven't seen it yet) that the original 1988 Dutch version is far superior with an absolutely hauntingly chilling ending ...

    This radio version may well stay closer to the original novella and the original Dutch film than the US re-make.

    Sources: Radio Times/DigiGuide/Wikipedia

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    Has there been an American remake that was better than the original?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Dando View Post
    Has there been an American remake that was better than the original?

    Not this one. Sluizer's original is a far more subtle and therefore effective telling of the story. The remake is ruined IMHO by Bridges' incredibly hammy performance and by the botched re-working of the original's shocking ending.

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