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    Can anyone help with a title for this short? Late 70s, possibly early 80s, pretty sure it's British. We see a man working away constructing a device of wood and metal, it's not clear what he's building. On the soundtrack, we hear the nagging voice of his wife, possibly speaking to one of her friends describing how useless her husband is. All the time we see him constructing his mysterious device. Finally, as he clicks one final metal locking piece into place, we hear her say "I've always said 'I didn't marry a man, I married a mouse". The camera pulls back to reveal that he's been working on a giant mousetrap. He lays his head across the trigger, and Snap! He's dead. The end. Any ideas anyone?
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    The Contraption (1977) - IMDb

    I think this is what you are looking for.

    Featuring Richard O'Brien

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    Cheers for that a very interesting little film

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