Out in October

The Four Feathers
- Zolt�n Korda

This spectacular Technicolor epic, directed by Zolt�n Korda, is considered the finest of the many adaptations of A.E.W. Mason’s classic 1902 adventure novel about the British Empire’s exploits in Africa, and a crowning achievement of Alexander Korda’s legendary production company, London Films. Set at the end of the nineteenth century, The Four Feathers follows the travails of a young officer (John Clements) accused of cowardice after he resigns his post on the eve of a major deployment to Khartoum; he must fight to redeem himself in the eyes of his fellow officers (including Ralph Richardson) and fianc�e (June Duprez). Featuring music by Mikl�s R�zsa and Oscar-nominated cinematography by Georges P�rinal, The Four Feathers is a thrilling, thunderous epic.

New high-definition digital restoration (with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the
Blu-ray edition)
Audio commentary by film historian Charles Drazin
New video interview with David Korda, son of director Zolt�n Korda
A Day at Denham, a short film from 1939 featuring footage of Zolt�n Korda on the set
of The Four Feathers
• Trailer
• PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by critic Michael Sragow