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Thread: Old crime film.

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    Hello, Can anybody identify the title of an old film for me? All that i can recall is, it's in black and white, shown in the 1970s, the plot is, I think, a soldier punches his father down a set of stairs after an arguement, and is now a wanted man. He might be called "Ginger", at the end of the film a person in a position of trust offers to hide him in his car boot and drive through a police cordon, the car is stopped and searched, no-one is in the boot. "Ginger" appears behind the car out of the fog giving himself up. Hopefully somebody might remember the film. Thanks

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    I think that might be The Intruder with Michael Medwin as 'Ginger'.

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    From the pen of Robin Maugham or Robert Cecil Romer Maugham 2nd Viscount Maugham of Hartfield to use his full name and title. He was a qualified barrister but chose to follow in the footsteps of his uncle, W.S.Maugham. He wrote "Line On Ginger" a year after "The Servant" which was filmed ten years later by Joseph Losey. Line on Ginger was very much in the same league as The Servant, as the title hints, which is why the film was called The Intruder. Makes you wonder what job Losey would have made of Line On Ginger if he had filmed that in 1963.

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