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    I have just seen on the Pegasus website details of a 5 episode release from this series and interestingly it states on the cover "Restored From Original Film Reels". Is anyone intending buying this and if so will you advise members of the quality?

    Before he took the title role in Saber of London, Donald Gray portrayed his famous one-armed detective Mark Saber in several episodes of The Vise. First aired on American television in 1954, The Vise was the creation of Edward and Harry Lee Danziger, prolific producers of films and TV shows in the 1950s and 60s. This collector's edition features 5 episodes of The Vise all starring Donald Gray as the charming super sleuth who told viewers after every episode "see you again to tell you another story of those who were caught in the jaws of a vise".

    A Coffin For Johnny
    A gas pipe explosion beside a cemetery has unearthed a strange case for Mark Saber. When rescuing some coffins in danger of sinking into an underground river, the graveyard's curator discovers one coffin is missing its occupant and is instead full of sand. The missing remains are those of John Dillon, a young mining engineer who died from disease in West Africa and whose brothers insisted on flying his body back to England. An intriguing story of deceit and the search for a disappearing corpse.

    Death Needs No Cane
    When London is flooded with counterfeit �5 notes, Mark Saber is called upon to discover the mastermind behind the forgeries. Guilty of at least three murders, the criminal behind the fake fivers is seemingly a man of many faces and varied descriptions but with one common feature - he walks with a cane. Saber is put to the ultimate test to catch a master of disguise.

    Hear No Evil
    Mrs Miriam Booth is a suspicious woman. The strict stipulations of her will has forced her four relatives to live with her, much to their displeasure. A budding amateur detective, Mrs Booth has convinced herself that one of her relations plans to murder her to ensure quick access to their inheritance. She enlists the help of Mark Saber to uncover the supposed plot but is she a neurotic old woman or a super sleuth in the making?

    Walk Softly For Murder
    Mark Saber is hired by a frightened woman to investigate the murder of Ernest Lomack, an ex-German underground leader who fought against the Nazis during World War Two. The woman claims her life is in danger, threatened by the same man responsible for Lomack's death. To solve the crime, Saber must unravel a political tangle involving a millionaire exporter and a mysterious American with a dark past.

    Murder For Gain
    The apparent suicide of a wealthy woman raises suspicion when her personal attorney contacts Mark Saber with conflicting evidence. The woman, Mrs Pricilla Wright, was recovering well in hospital and looking forward to her release when she allegedly chose to take a fatal dose of cyanide. Her three cousins, her only surviving relatives and the last to see her alive, stand to inherit a large sum of money. Could they be guilty of murder for gain?

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    "Restored From Original Film Reels"....

    16mm or 35mm ?

    [16mm prints were cheaper and more common in the 1950s, because of the poor definition of 405 line sets]

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    I placed an order with Amazon for the new DVD set of The Vise last week but I received an email today telling me that my order has been delayed until mid-december as they are still awaiting stock from suppliers.

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