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    I'm a student in Kent and I'm trying to find reactions and opinions about the UK Film Council's abolishment earlier this year. Could anybody help me out with any specific people that would be contactable and willing to have some input into my research, preferably people directly effected by it's axe. All help would be much appreciated!

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    Jack Chipperfield.

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    My reaction is good riddance.

    Produced a load of self absorbed,navel gazing films that were uncommercial and morose and mostly of no interest to the outside world- and that was the watchable ones.

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    I only had negative experiences with them. The way they selected projects for funding was a disgrace: First off, giving money to The Rolling Stones and Martin Scorcese to make their vanity project movies was poor to say the least. There were also some questions over the financial activities of some of their regional departments which have been investigated and people found to be guilty of financial misappropriation. And for short film makers they were prejudiced against people submitting comedy film ideas (I was told at one application meeting that "we don't fund comedies, we are interested in socially relevant films"). I really disagreed with Mike Figgis' defensive comments about the UKFC but then again he did alright out of their funding schemes.

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