Hello All,
I've spotted this film on Ebay for �8.32 + �3.84 p+p which is enough for a non-commercial DVD. I already have this excellent film but rather a poor copy, rather bleached and looks like a video copy. I've asked the question about the quality of this Ebay copy but can't seem to get an answer. Has anyone bought a copy and if so is it any good?
There was a T.V. programme a while back called 'Bad Boys of the Blitz' and a few clips of this film were used and they were very good quality so a good print does exist. Is it this one!!
Made in 1948 with Derek Farr as the man in the title wrongly accused of the murder of a policeman and Joan Hopkins as the girl who helps him clear his name and Edward Chapman as the police inspector out to catch him. Quinlan give it a 3 but I feel a bit better than that even allowing my love of the genre and it being in my favourite post war period.