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    Hi all,

    I am delighted to reveal the fruits of Kaleidoscope's annual Raiders of the Lost Archives initiative.

    It's a pdf so please follow the link to see all the long-lost TV and radio gems recovered this past 12 months by Kal along with the BBC, ITV, BFI and missing episodes enthusiasts.

    If the Raiders of the Lost Archive list of finds wasn't enough, I am equally pleased to present the finds made by the Lost Shows Appeal.

    This campaign got under way in June of this year to tie in with Kaleidoscope's website. Overseen by Charles Norton, its purpose was to
    track down recordings of otherwise lost TV and radio shows that might exist in the lofts, sheds and cupboards of the general public.

    The appeal was promoted on Radio 4�s �PM� programme and with a spot on the BBC website (BBC News - Plea put out for 'lost' TV shows).

    Here's the list of finds to date:

    Both lists can be found on my website dedicated to missing TV and radio, and its recovery, Wiped News | Missing Episodes News, Features and Clips – TV, Film and Radio


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    I'm particularly interested in the recovery of a 'Dan Dare' episode from Radio Luxembourg days. As I am a historian of Radio Luxembourg, can anyone tell me how I can get a copy of this?

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    I believe that eventually all recordings will be available to listen at the British Library.

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    Very interesting. I had no idea this item was lost:
    Saturday Night at the Mill 19/04/1980 15.23 featuring Margaret Lockwood youtube from domestic recording

    It was me who uploaded it to Youtube - kindly copied for me by a Britmovie member. I wonder if the DVD transfer might be of better use to the archives than the Youtube download?

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