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    Yes, all that.

    I saw this film once when I was maybe 12 (that's late 80s) but I have no idea if it was new then or already a rerun. I later happened upon the end of it in the 90s.

    What I remember from the plot :
    - main characters were children
    - action takes place in winter time, lots of snow.
    - looks like the action is situated in the 50s
    - supernatural elements : wolves disguised as men, only visible as wolves under certain conditions (one of them being in a railway tunnel under a 'strobe' light effect)
    - one of the children gets kidnapped in a car that takes off ... this is called a car-a-plane (i think)

    Other than those few flashes, I have nothing.

    I'm desperately trying to find this again so that I can watch it with my son ... please help folkses !



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    Ages since I've seen it but wolves are disguised as vicars in The Box of Delights

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    Yes. Sounds like Box of Delights, perfick christmas telly

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    Thank you !

    You are all perfectly correct. It WAS the box of Delights, and I watched it with great pleasure.

    PS. Sorry I haven't been back sooner to post my thanks, i've not had a moment to myself lately.

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