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    I can't remember this film I saw late one night, that started off with a woman sitting at a bustop in the evening with her dog. I think she may have been homeless, and also had an irish accent. She witnesses a man beating his wife in the car and intervenes.

    Later on in the film, the woman she saved and herself are sitting having a drink in somebody's flat when he finds them, forces them to inject some sort of drug. They end up killing him at the end. I think the dog gets shot.

    Quite a dark and gritty film, remember it being very atmospheric. Was probably made late 1990's. Hopefully someone can recognise what this is from the information I have given, as would really love to see it again.

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    Yes! It was that. Once again, this forum manages to find a film I never thought I'd watch again. Thank you very much!

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