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    Any advise about this book ??

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    It's excellent...all you want to know about the film without having to go to Dingle (West Ireland)....Trouble was, after I had read it I just had to visit the locations...amazing and the locals anecdotes were priceless!!! A book to use as a reference everytime the film is on telly...mind you it is by no means David Lean's best work but it has to be viewed.
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    The recent (Summer 2010) repeat of the BBC 4 documentary of which David Lean was the subject dealt extensively with Ryans Daughter and its production history. Keep an eye on the i-player schedules as the BBC do have a habit of re-inserting really interesting programmes without prior warning.

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    Agreed, this is an excellent book. It must have been a genuine ordeal making it especially with Lean's exacting methods. Christopher Jones seemed to have had the worst of it and I had no idea his whole performance was dubbed by Julian Holloway such were his inadequacies!

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    I rewatched the film recently and realised there are just three main sets.

    1. The army camp, 2. The schoolhouse and 3. the village street.

    The army camp was obviously a temporary structure and looked it. The doco enclosed in the recent DVD re-release showed that the schoolhouse was constructed using steel joist beams enclosed in local rock. It was designed to be unrealistically spacious to accommodate all those Panavision cameras inside it. And it was situated alone in the picturesque windswept landscape. And the village street was picturesque also but it too seemed isolated from the villagers' workplace.

    I wonder if these sets are still standing in West Dingle?

    The most disturbingly fake thing for me about the production was that certain beach scenes were filmed not in West Dingle but in South Africa!

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