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    Do you ever wonder where the TV guides get their information about films to be shown on TV. ITV is showing "Rio Bravo" tonight at 2.35am (tomorrow morning actually) and the Daily Mail TV guide informs us that Ricky Nelson is an "inept young gunslinger". From the way he handles his two guns I would suggest that he is far from inept.

    We then come to Thursday 8.40pm on Sky Classics. "Villa Rides" where we are told that "Yul Brynner is coerced into joining the 1912 Mexican uprising by Pancho Villa". Yul actually plays Pancho Villa in the film......... My case rests.

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    There is a britmovie member, if my memory serves me right, who has been a film or telvision critic. If they read this, they may be able to throw some light on the subject.

    But I think that sometimes incorrect information appears somewhere, so that when the film journalist consults an organisation by mouth or internet etc; they may be in danger of consulting that wrong set of information. Which of course, has an unfortunate repercussion.

    Alan French.

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