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    John McCormack's guest appearance in "Wings Of The Morning" 1/2 - YouTube

    Released in January 1937, Wings Of The Morning was the first Technicolor feature film made in the UK. Studio scenes were shot at Alexander Korda's Denham Studios, which for some years to come would be the only British film studios equipped to film in Technicolor.

    With an eye to the international market, American producer Robert Kane engaged Henry Fonda and the beautiful French actress Annabella to star as the leads, ably supported by a cast of fine British character actors including Leslie Banks, Helen Haye and Edward Underdown. Added interest comes from the inclusion of John McCormack, the famous Irish tenor. The leading stars were never filmed more appealingly than they were here, by the famous cinematographer Jack Cardiff who, at age just 23, was working on his first Technicolor feature. From this beginning Jack Cardiff would go on to film some of the greatest Technicolor films of the the 1940s and beyond, including The Red Shoes, A Matter of Life and Death and Scott of the Antarctic.

    The film makes glorious use of the new medium and includes plenty of exterior shots filmed mainly in Southern Ireland and the Epsom race track where the famous derby race is run. Whilst the plot is rather wafer thin and the script a little leaden in places, the film is so easy on the eye that it makes for a very pleasant 80 minutes viewing.

    I believe the film may have been released to dvd in the US but is still awaiting a release in the UK. Hopefully this truly iconic film will one day be selected for release.

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    Nice find. And wasn't Henry Fonda a looker in his day. Oh my.

    Did John McCormack make other films or is this a real rarity? I've heard him before but never seen him.

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    Technicolor stories have been a joy to me over the years...I remember Jack Cardiff telling me about the rushes from Technicolor on Wings Of The Morning. Nothing arrived on the first day...then Technicolor said they had problems but all was OK. Eventually they turned up, Jack couldn't make out why the post boxes were red..filmed in Ireland they were in fact green. When he phoned the lab up and told them...they apologised and said that's why there was a delay...they had spent all night correcting the dyes from green to red! Same on Scott of the Antartic...Jack had put a very light green filter over the snow footage to make it look as it should...Technicolor, in their wisdom took the green out...Jack wasn't best pleased. Then we have Lawrence of Arabia on 65mm stock via Technicolor...but that's another story!
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