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    I'm looking the British mini-series or TV movie. I watched it in Sweden, between 1994 and 1996, so I guess it was made in the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s. The mini-series is set between mid 1930s to the early 1960s. The plot of the mini-series is about a young man in his early 20s and he is a British intelligence agent, or to be precise... he is working as a civil servant, I think in the MI5 or MI6, but all his neighbours think that he is an intelligence agent and also he prefers to be titled like that. He goes to work every morning carrying a briefcase and he is typing some reports on a typewriter. In the office, he is working alone and I think that he doesn't hang with his colleagues at all. At his workplace, the atmosphere is like in "Enigma" and "Bletchley Park". He lives in a neighbourhood in the street with very weird characters, for an example... an old pervert with glasses. Also, his neighbours are some young hooligans and every evening they are sitting on a bench in the park nearby. Every time when these hooligans see this old pervert they began to make laugh with plenty of insults. Here lives a prostitute with a platinum hair "bombshell" and I think that all the male characters are in love with her. One part of the action takes place at the office of the main character and how he spends his working hours. The quite opposite is the other part of the action, when he returns home and then after 17 o'clock all his neighbours go out, sitting on the benches in the park or go to the closest pub, located in the same street. I think the main character resembles with Tintin and also another comic book character and that is Freddy Lombard. I mean that the atmosphere is similar, except that there is a plenty of action in Tintin. On the other hand, there is no "real action" in the mini-series. The mini-series is in colour.

    Greg Mishevski
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    Could be Lipstick on your Collar by Dennis Potter,the characters match but you would surely remember the songs

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    Thank you very much for your suggestion, A Pemberton.

    The chance is 99% that Lipstick on Your Collar (TV mini-series 1993) is the mini-series I'm looking.

    Now, I have watched this YouTube clip:
    Lipstick on Your Collar - Sylvia Berry and Mick Hopper gets together (HD) (10:53)

    However, I that YouTube clip there is no scene I remember from that episode I watched.
    I remember the main character was skinny in his early 20s and I thought he had blond or red hair.
    I looked from that YouTube clip that the main character hair is black. In those days I didn't know it was Ewan McGregor.
    I have watched only one episode of Lipstick on Your Collar (TV mini-series 1993) in Sweden (between 1994 and 1996), so I don't remember more details.
    I don't remember the songs and the reason probably is I don't like musicals. On the other hand, I like the old-fashioned atmosphere from the 1950s.
    I remember only the details from my description of the plot written in my previous post.

    I live in Macedonia, so I'm interested is this available online outside UK?
    If the answer is NO, I need a DVD copy of Lipstick on Your Collar (TV mini-series 1993) to check myself if this is the mini-series I'm looking.

    Greg Mishevski

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    Greg, 'Lipstick' is freely available, on Amazon or Ebay for instance.

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    The Freddy Lombard-type character is probably actor Giles Thomas who played Private Francis in Lipstick on Your Collar. This is the best photo I can find of him without his hat!

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    Dear tavistock,
    Thank you very much for your reply.

    First of all, I noticed that about 9 posts which I wrote have been deleted.
    When I quit posting and visiting BritMovie forum in February 2011, I remembered that my total number of posts was 163.
    Then, I visited BritMovie forum only on 30 November 2011 and I noticed 158 posts in total, so 5 posts have been deleted.
    In January 2012 I wrote 4 posts and I had 162 posts in total, but soon after 4 other posts have been deleted and I had 158 posts in total, again.
    Among those deleted posts was Innocent Sinners (1958) thread in Film Locations section which was completely removed.
    I wrote there that I discovered some 'hard to find' locations from this film which you can see in Reel Streets website (since 28 October 2011, I'm not active anymore in RS).
    I asked some BritMovie member to send me a DVD copy of Innocent Sinners (1958).
    Now, I have found this link:
    Innocent Sinners (1958) | Facebook
    ... and you can see part of my original Innocent Sinners (1958) thread.
    Please read this:
    Believe It or Not, there is no option to supply anything from the online retail companies like: eBay, etc... from the country where I live (Macedonia). I don't know if it still is like that, but the last year it was not possible.

    I don't know if now is still like in 2011, but tomorrow I will find out if there are some improvements.
    Tomorrow, I will find out if PayPal is available in Macedonia and I will send a post only if there are possible changes.
    If I find out that PayPal is still not available, there is no need for informing.
    In this case, there is no chance purchasing Lipstick on Your Collar (TV mini-series 1993) from Macedonia.

    Because of the situation from 2011 about the supplying is impossible from Macedonia on eBay, Amazon, etc, I kindly receive a private message from OUR Steve (DB7) on 16-02-11 10:01 AM:
    Do you still require a copy?

    I confirmed and then I receive another private message on 16-02-11 06:53 PM:
    Not had a good look at the thread yet and my memory of Innocent Sinners is hazy. If you send me your address I'll sort you out a copy.

    I want to inform you that about ten days after I receive his private message, I receive from OUR Steve (DB7) a DVD copy of Innocent Sinners (1958) for free.
    I was and I'm still very pleased with his gesture. I didn't expect it.

    I wrote a brief explanation about this in the most shocking thread in the history of BritMovie forum.
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    Hello Greg,
    I have never seen lipstick on your collar here in Sweden, although I have lived here many years. It seems like an interesting mini series. I think I will watch it.

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