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    I'm trying to find a short film i once saw back in the 60's i'm sure it was a short "filler" to the main feature, it involved a series of funny mishaps on a biulding site and as i remember there was no dialogue at all, cant remember any of the players but one scene i do remember is a guy just finishes floating off a wet concrete base and a lad drived a dumper across it, he floats it off again and the same thing happens again, after several re-floats he goes mental and jumps in the concrete and wallows about in it,
    for some reason "the plank" comes to mind but i dont think it were that one,
    any ideas? Ta

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    Simon Simon (1970)


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    A HOME OF YOUR OWN, directed by Jay Lewis. Currently available on DVD.

    Simon Simon is Garham Stark as the bill poster about town on a Simon cherrypicker. :)


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