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    Far From the Madding Crowd DVD and A Passage to India Blu Ray US imports are advertised on Amazon as Region 1 only. Annoying as the former is in true aspect ratio instead of the cropped Euro version, has 5.1 Dolby Digital and contains the Overture and Entracte. The latter is not available on Blu in the UK. However, after a lot of rummaging it turned out that Amazon's info is incorrect. Both US imports are multi region.
    Badger them to correct this.
    (sorry if this has been brought up before but I couldn't find the relevant thread)

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    418 times describe all British and European DVD releases as being Region 2 and all US imports as region 1. Similarly with Blu-ray regions A, B & C do similar, the other way around.

    They find it easier than actually checking every release


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    This is a useful reference site:

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    It's no problem in hacking a region 2 DVD machine for you can get a full multiregion Blu Ray/Dvd machine for under �100...the benefits are fantastic!!!
    Film Man.

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