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    This is one of my favourites pictures, the actual film script is currently not available, so for the Agutter-Fans, Film script-fans and finally and not for it less important, the Walkabout-Fans I post this transcript of mine.

    (The message can't take more than 74828 characters, so I let here part of the transcript as a sample - If you want to read the rest do it at

    Or contact me.)
    WALKABOUT 1971

    (Filmed 1969, and released 1971)

    Transcript by Jorge Slipak


    DISSOLVE IN TITLE: (We read in withe letters over black B.G.)

    In Australia, when an Aborigine man-child
    reaches sixteen, he is sent out into the
    land. For months he must live from it.
    Sleep on it. Eat of its fruit and flesh.
    Stay alive. Even if it means killing his
    fellow creatures. The Aborigines call it
    the WALKABOUT.

    This is the story of a "WALKABOUT".

    FADE IN:

    Tewnty Century Fox Film Logo

    FADE IN:

    Over a rock formation in white letters
    Sound of radio static.











    CUT TO

    A brick wall. Camera tracks right to reveal a modern urban street scene. We hear Aborigine music.
    Shots of people walking on the street (focus on their legs), or tall buildings. In these shots we see the father (John Meillon) walking.
    Shot of teenagers all in school dress in classroom - all panting lightly, as if for exercise.
    Focus on a fourtheen years old girl (Jenny Agutter).
    CUT TO: street scene shows little boy (Luc Roeg/Credited as: Lucien John) in school uniform watching soldiers walk by.
    This montage continues with more cuts of father and daughter.
    CUT TO: Brick wall, camera right, and we see the vast outback.
    CUT TO: Man (The father) taking a break outside an office building. More shots now of the son, daughter, and father.
    Then a crane shot up to show the family’s apartment building, the black VW parked outside, the water in the distance.


    The wife moves about the kitchen preparing some food and listening the radio.

    RADIO: ... The Ortolan is the name given to a European singing bird. It is extremely rare. When fattened for eating, they are left in dark cardboard boxes, and packets of grain are pressed into a hole in the box, through which a light is shone. The bird picks at the grain in the hope of penetrating through to the light, which he mistakes for the sun. This goes on for several weeks. When it has eaten itself so full that it cannot stand or see, it is drowned in cognac. Gourmets regard it as an exceptional delicacy. You will find vinegar is an acceptable substitute for cognac ...


    The husband walks out on to a balcony. He watches the son and daughter in the building’s swimming pool. The father watches them quietly. We see the swiming pool since the balcony.

    BOY: Stay there. Don't move.

    GIRL: Come on. Swim out. Come on. Further. Go on.

    BOY: Help! Stop.

    GIRL: Swim back.

    BOY: Not far. Watch, Dad.

    RADIO: Although there are a few of them available in tins in the better shops now.

    CUT TO: Brick wall a third time. Track right and there is the vast outback - and the little VW. Inside the car there are the father, the daughter, and the son.


    GIRL: (To the boy) Give me the radio.

    RADIO: ... So you have to learn to tell a fish knife from a meat knife, and a fish fork from a meat fork. If there's no fish knife and fork, use the smaller knife and fork for the fish.- If you make a mistake, just continue eating ...

    BOY: This one's red.

    RADIO: Don't put the silver back on the tables.

    BOY: This one's yellow.

    RADIO: ... Be nonchalant. The place for the napkin is on the lap.

    BOY: This one's brown.

    FATHER: Please don't speak with your mouth full, son.

    RADIO: The fish or meat will be served to you on your left side.

    BOY: This one's green.

    RADIO: Take the serving fork in your left hand...

    BOY: This one's white.

    RADIO: And the serving spoon in your right.

    BOY: Oh, there's another red one.

    RADIO: Don't use your fingers...

    The father turns off the radio placed over the girl’s legs and starts the engine. The car goes away.

    CUT TO:

    The car stops in the middle of nowhere

    GIRL: You stopped again. (The boy jumps out of the car) Come back!

    FATHER: He's all right. Don't go out of sight! ... We'll eat now.

    The father is preoccupied reading about structural geology. The girl sets up the picnic blanket and food.

    BOY: Bang! Bang! Bang! You're dead! ... I'm hot! ... (The boy aproaches the father in the car) The wheel's come off! ... Dad, my wheel's come off. The wheel's come off.

    GIRL: ... Chicken or ham?

    BOY: Both!

    RADIO: ... I think I know now what's making me sad ...

    BOY: Bang! Bang! Bang!...

    GIRL: It's ready.

    BOY: Bang! Bang! Bang! Quick, men! Duck! Bang! Bang! Bang! You're dead! ...

    A bullet impact near the boy.
    The father is standing next to the car holding a revolver.
    The girl looks at him, then she takes her brother and runs. They fall behind a group of rocks.

    BOY: That's not fair!. He'll get away!. You're supposed to be on my side!

    FATHER: Come on. What are you doing?. Come on!. And bring him with you. It's getting late. I've got to go now. We can't waste time. Come out now! ...(He fires the gun)... We have got to go now!. I... have got to go now. Can't... Can't waste time. We can't... Come out now!

    He shoots the gun again. He takes out the reserve petrol tank. The girl looks at him. He has set fire to the car. We hear a shot - then three quick cuts of the man falling down.

    GIRL: Stay here.

    She runs out, retrieves some of the food, and runs off with the brother.

    BOY: What happened?

    GIRL: He said we were to go on ahead.

    BOY: But he said I wasn't to go out of his sight.

    GIRL: He'll catch us up later.

    BOY: Do you know where to go?

    GIRL: Yes, of course. This way.


    Who saw him die?.
    I, said the fly.
    With my little eye.
    I saw him die.

    Read the rest at
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    Good work! Can someone do this for all films which appear on telly without a subtitle option! Especially for mumbled dialogue.
    I love Walkabout as I've probably mentioned here before. In my favourite films, it's in the top-5...

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    Thanks for posting the transcript.
    But, to be pedantic for a moment, you missed out the whispered bit at the beginning "Faites vos jeux, monsieurs, dames s'il vous plait" which ties in with the end title "Rien ne va plus". Granted, the latter seems to be missing from some prints of the film.

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    There's a really weird-shit internet site called livedash that is picking dialogue up automatically somehow off TV channels in America, and making blind transcripts of the words......

    This is Escape from Alcatraz:

    This is Ice Station Zebra:

    Guns of Navarone:

    Even episodes of Dr.Who that segue in from advert dialaogue....

    Hours of fun.......

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    Thanck you all, as you can see I had done this work few years ago but I was not able to post it until now (Lack of time , work Etc.), Thanck you Moor for the data, but, do you know (Or do anybody know) if there is available, some kind of Blind transcripts of the words or what ever of the film "I Start Counting" From 1969 (With Jenny Agutter too) If anybody can get that material please let me know I could do the transcript.

    And finnally, no it's not pedantic actually rather helpful, so Robin could you help me I had seen in the end of the film the legend "Rien ne va plus" (But I didn't thought that it was part of the film)

    Can you tell me where, would be placed, the legend "Faites vos jeux, monsieurs, dames s'il vous plait" .

    Since now thanck you all - It was my first posting there shall be more.


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    "Faites vos jeux, monsieurs et madames, s'il vous plait" is heard in voiceover just after the "Walkabout" explanatory card and 20th Century Fox logo but before the screen title credit, and "Rien ne va plus" is a white title card at the end of the film (you hear radio noise over it). The card fades quickly to the sound of a radio being switched off (the old maual dial). Both terms come from the game roulette and are said by the croupier to indicate bets may be placed and then no more bets please. Hope this helps.

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    I'm just reading your message, I'll do the corrections as soon as possible - Thanck you all, for your help.


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    I just saw it -And hear it- at my copy of Walkabout, and yes it have been terrible helpful -Sad to admit it, I hadn't noticed before- I'm at home I just added this lines and I'll be posting it at the blog as soon as I can.
    Again thanck you.


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