I would like copies of any of these: anyone know where I can get them?

Destroying Angel: 1990 film

Capital City (1989 TV series)
� episode: Twelve Degrees Capricorn

Going Undercover 1988 film

Menace (1970 TV series)
� Nine Bean Rows (1970)

Nine Bean Rows (1969 TV movie)

Fraud Squad (1969 TV series)
- episode: Run for Your Money

Armchair Theatre (1969 TV series)
� episode: The Story-Teller

The Jazz Age (1968 TV series)

- episode: Nine Bean Rows
I don't know how come Michael appeared in three things called "Nine Bean Rows" but this is what it says in IMDB.

The Further Adventures of the Musketeers (1967 TV series)