Irina Palm (Belgium/France/Germany/Luxembourg/UK 2007) is on BBC2 Sunday 15th July 12 midnight - 1.40am. It stars Marianne Faithfull as a grandmother who discovers a seedy way that she can quickly raise the money needed for her grandson's life-saving operation overseas. I won't reveal the plot for those who haven't seen it. It's a brilliant film. In the 60s/70s British cinema would have either treated the subject matter in social realist style as a tale of working class despair, or politically as a tale of exploitation. But this film shows the mundane and boring side, as well as the deadening effect of it on the characters emotional lives, behind the supposed glamour of the fa�ade. Excellent acting from the cast, particularly Faithfull and the unknown (at least to me) Miki Manojlovic. There's also Jenny Agutter (hooray!) as her bitchy small town friend, who has had an affair with her now-dead husband!