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    Can anyone help me locate THE DAME OF SARK 1976 with Celia Johnson or CAMELEON 1997 with Daniel Evans? Willing to trade or purchase. Would appreciate any help.


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    I'd never heard of either series until today. With the former, I was intrigued by a number of stills at Rex Features earlier, following a search for Peter Dyneley. There's no title, only captions for the roles the actors are playing. When I Googled 'colonel von schmettau tony britton', the first entry gave me the information I wanted:

    The Dame of Sark | BFI | British Film Institute

    TV production. When the German army occupies the Channel Island of Sark in World War II, the British ruler,
    Sybil Hathaway, Dame of Sark
    [played by Celia Johnson] has to fight for the survival and dignity of her people.

    Televised in 1976? Can't recall seeing this in my TVTimes copies (it was an Anglia production). The plot is so similar to the later LWT
    series Enemy at the Door, I can only assume this was the pilot. Having established the title, I found more rare stills from the play:

    Rex Features - Search results for 'the dame of sark':

    The images show up even if the title doesn't. I think it's contained in the incomplete captions. Further research led to my discovering that Anna Neagle played the title role in a stage adaptation of Dame of Sark the previous year. I'll post a 'cleaner' version of the article at her thread in a moment but here is the direct link in case you don't find it:

    Dame Of Sark A Natural Role For Dame Anna (Ottawa Citizen, 24th October 1975)

    Dame Sibyl Hathaway's Wikipedia profile

    Must create an IMDb page for the TV version of The Dame of Stark, if I can find it in the TVTimes.

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    It wouldn't have been a pilot episode for a subsequent series. It was a stand-alone play, based on the Dame of Sark's experiences during the German occupation of the Channel Islands. She was looked up to by the Islanders as she gave the Germans such a hard time and the Germans respected her for this.


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    Yes, an hour-long adaptation of William Douglas-Home's play, broadcast 29th December 1976 between 9.10-10.10pm).
    That week's TVTimes featured brief reminiscences from some of the captives. Would have made a good documentary:

    Click to enlarge:

    Part 1; Part 2
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