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    I'm looking for the name of two UK mini tv series aired around 2006/2007/2008 or so.
    I live in Sweden so it might have aired earlier in UK.

    I only remember parts of them, so here goes.

    The first one is a thriller series in about 3 parts.
    The main character, a man in his 30s, is getting married or engaged. They celebrate at a mansion or castle by a lake. The groom have an old friend who is in some kind of trouble. He shows up at the mansion but is sent away by the main character. The friend is later found dead in his apartment.

    The second one is also a thriller series in two or three parts.
    Its about sleepwalking and how your unconscious notices things that you didn't pay attention to.
    the plot is about a cheating husband or something like that. One of the characters might also wake up covered in blood after sleepwaling or something like that. not sure might have been another tv series.

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm not sure about the first one but I'm pretty sure that the second is an episode of "Murder in Mind" called Sleeper.

    There's more info here.....

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