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    Quote Originally Posted by orpheum2 View Post
    I saw it yesterday and thought it was quite good ,apart from the silly scenes featuring Ed Gein.It doesnt look as if it has done very well at the box office,which given the subject is little surprise,no CGI etc.I looked at the figures for Psycho.It cost just under $900000 and took $32million.So it made Hitch a very wealthy man.However it of course also represents the start of his decline.Maybe the 2 were somehow connected.It is quiote amazing that Hitch had such a hit with this and Powell such a failure with peeping Tom.Maybe BBC should do a docudrama based on that since it is the dead op[posite of Psycho.I remember that Psycho was quite an event.I was too young to get into an X film.However what with the warning about not being admitted after the performance began and the fact of seperate performances set it apart from other films.
    I think Hitchcock by the 1960s was out of decade, Practically all directors if they stay in the business long enough have a creative decline. Instead of making some of the 1960s movies he did he should have worked from some of the scripts from The Alfred Hitchcock Hour like Home Away From Home.

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    OK. This movie was mildly entertaining— but I kept on thinking to myself that these two strong actors were basically just 'slumming' and they could have actually been putting their talents into something a little more worthwhile... such as Macbeth for instance.

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