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    I receive on my email this query on 14 August from the very same person who was looking for all these TV series. Also, he is a member at a Croatian forum with the username "Ejlaga". So, the query was originally written in Croatian. Then, I was unable to identify the documentary TV series.

    Documentary TV series.
    Language: Not sure but either German or English.
    Country of origin: Probably West Germany or UK.
    The year of production: 1980s.
    In colour.

    The series is something like a travelogue and considers a range of occupations. Each episode was about a different topic. Each episode opens with a dynamic musical theme, like that of a band and disco music similar to "Gonna Fly Now" aka "Theme from Rocky". A lot of trumpets, saxophones, electronics but there are also South American and African rhythms.

    1. One of the episodes was about a railway journey through Egypt, Sudan, Uganda and beyond. In southern Sudan there was a civil war, putting it after 1983, but most likely 1986. It showed a large presence of the Sudanese military in the region. In Uganda, two black people pushed the wagon and inside the wagon was the film crew. In one part of Uganda, there was some sort of a "hotel" but in reality the building was a shed. But it is expensive because it lies on the equator.

    2. One of the episodes was about animal rights, specifically about killing Brumby horses in Australia. Animal rights activists from Europe appeared in it, and one activist spoke German. You could clearly see the Brumby horses being killed from the helicopters. Then, it followed the life of a family living on a farm deep in the Australian outback.

    3. One of the episodes dealt with architecture. It showed North America and the peculiar houses and large villas and strange people's lifestyles. A doctor, originally from Yugoslavia (now Serbia), got rich thanks to some medication and built a large villa somewhere in the deserts of Arizona or a neighbouring region. One man had managed to build a house of dark tinted glass. The other man worked in a pharmaceutical company and he simply lived in the dump made of cardboard box and he bathed once a year.

    4. One of the episodes dealt with acrobatic skills of the squirrels and how they survived.

    Many thanks to our fellow member Macleod. He was a big help for editing my grammatical errors in the English text in the query.
    His comment:
    This series sounds like a very strange mix of themes! I would think it was German if it had a German speaker in it. Programmes made in the UK don't usually use translators or dubbing.
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