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    My Week With Marilyn Sky Premiere
    Totally compelling ... superbly well-crafted movie - with Kenneth Branagh giving a magnificent performance as Sir Laurence Olivier and Michelle Williams playing Marilyn Monroe with great sensitivity and vulnerability. Having read Colin Clark's excellent book - The Prince, The Showgirl and Me, and seen the BBC documentary, I thought the film perfectly encapsulated the atmosphere of the Pinewood Studios film-set.

    I wish the screenplay had included the scene where, for the one and only time, Marilyn arrives on-set before Sir Laurence, he was furious - as he was usually, and prided himself as being, on-set very early indeed.

    Great performances throughtout - Eddie Remayne plays Colin with splendid understatement, Julia Ormond is gorgeous as Vivien Leigh, Dame Judi Dench (as Dame Sybil) and Emma Watson as Colin's girlfriend are excellent in their supporting roles.

    The fascinating real-life tale - behind the making of the film of a very light Terence Rattigan play - which was, at best, only an average comedy, barely worthy of the talents of Sir Laurence or Marilyn - was so much more interesting.

    Marilyn and Colin - an unlikely, yet real-life love story - beautifully told - the film could have easily been entitled Brief Encounter ...

    Adapted from The Guardian review ...
    In 1956, Marilyn Monroe came to Britain to make a movie at Pinewood Studios with Laurence Olivier. This was the tense and ill-fated light comedy The Prince and the Showgirl, scripted by Terence Rattigan, a film that became a legend for the lack of chemistry between its insecure and incompatible stars.

    (The film was financed through Marilyn's own independent production company and she wanted Olivier to co-star and direct. The film was billed as starring the greatest actor in the world opposite the greatest, sexiest female film star in the world ... what could possibly go wrong?)

    The story is told – or part of it – in this intensely enjoyable, entirely insubstantial movie featuring glorious performances from Kenneth Branagh and Michelle Williams as Olivier and Monroe, participants in a love triangle of two stars and a nobody. The whole thing is seen from the standpoint of the film's star-struck third assistant director, Colin Clark, son of the great art historian Kenneth, and younger brother of the notorious Tory MP Alan. The movie-mad youngster had wangled a job in Olivier's production office, been hired as a dogsbody on the movie, and something in this pretty ing�nu caught the eye of Marilyn herself. With her genius for enslaving dazzled men to a courtier's life of gallantry and self-abasement, she made him her confidant and helpmeet. In 1995, Clark published his diaries from that time, but then in 2000, landing a deferred dramatic punch, published a further memoir – on which this film is based – revealing an intimate, romantic week alone with Marilyn when her husband Arthur Miller had gone away. Of course, he fell hard for the bewitching star.

    Remembering Marilyn - My Week With Marilyn ... A Love Story
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    Hi, watched this film for the first time a few days ago, bit of a long shot but does anyone know the location of the 'Dog and Duck' Pub seen in the film?

    Also any ideas what area and river the skinny-dipping scene took place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark O View Post
    Hi, watched this film for the first time a few days ago, bit of a long shot but does anyone know the location of the 'Dog and Duck' Pub seen in the film?
    I know this post is a few months old now but Google seems to lead to the Blackwood Arms Country Pub in Burnham Beeches - here

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    The main thread for this is here

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    No way of checking it out, of course, but I did rather think there was a bit of wishful thinking going on here on the part of Colin Clark

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