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    Details now available on what will be on this, IMHO, essential purchase

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    Wonder if it will be available as a digital download... DVDs are so 2005 haha ;D

    But definitely a must purchase.. I missed some of the best moments, and so want to have this at least.

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    Some further details of the BBC 5 disc box-set from Amazon �19-97

    Disc 1:
    The Opening Ceremony: Part One
    The spectacular Opening Ceremony was an unforgettable start to the London 2012 Olympic Games. In this exclusive director’s cut by Danny Boyle, we relive the entire ceremony in all its splendour. This is also accompanied by a fascinating audio commentary by Danny Boyle and writer Frank Cottrell Boyce where they reveal for the first time, in detail, how they orchestrated this spectacular event, providing a unique insight into the journey through British history.

    Disc 2
    The Opening Ceremony: Part Two
    Sporting Highlights (Days 1 – 6)


    Team GB’s first medal from Lizzie Armitstead
    The first gold from rowers Helen Glover and Heather Stanning
    The imperious time trial by Bradley Wiggins
    Michael Phelps’ record 19th Olympic medal
    Clare Balding’s emotional interview with Bert le Clos

    Disc 3
    Sporting Highlights (Days 7 – 10)


    Katherine Grainger’s long awaited gold
    Victoria Pendleton wins stunning gold
    Andy Murray’s emotional victory
    Ben Ainslie wins historic 4th gold
    Beth Tweddle wins bronze on the bars
    Usain Bolt successfully defends his 100m Olympic title
    The electric atmosphere in the stadium on ‘Super Saturday’ when Ennis, Farah and Rutherford all win gold

    Disc 4
    Sporting Highlights (Days 11 – 16)


    The Brownlee brothers’ triathlon glory
    Usain Bolt completes his historic Olympic treble
    Hoy’s record 6th gold medal
    Nicola Adams punches her way to the first women’s boxing gold
    The incredible tension at Greenwich Park for Team GB’s dressage victory
    The world record-breaking US sprint relay
    Tom Daley celebrates a sensational bronze
    Sam Murray secures the 65th and final medal for Team GB.

    Exclusive Opening Ceremony Extras:
    Isles of Wonder Deconstructed

    The Thames is “liquid history”. Discover how the visual effects team created a thrilling animated journey up the river from its source, to the Olympic stadium itself - passing sights real and imaginary.


    The sound of the shipping forecast and billowing blue sheets transform our meadow into “an isle of wonder”, to the stirring sound of Elgar’s Nimrod, as played by the London Symphony Orchestra’s On Track project.

    Frank Turner in the Green and Pleasant Land

    Frank Turner’s acoustic songs performed in the stadium perfectly captured the atmosphere of a long summer evening.

    Thanks Tim Projection House

    This ambitious section celebrates the amazing technology that makes us dance, helps us communicate, commute, remember, and dream and most of all fall in love.

    Disc 5
    Closing Ceremony

    The London 2012 Olympic Games ended in style with a celebration of music and sporting achievement, created by Kim Gavin. It marked the end of an amazing chapter in London’s life and featured an array of British artists from the last 50 years including Eric Idle, The Kinks, The Spice Girls and Jessie J.

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    Thanks Mrs P appetite more than ever truly whetted

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