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    Looks like the second of the Mr Rose trilogy Its Dark Outside is up for release by Network?

    The second season was originally thought lost completely, but they may surprise us in that dept as two have thought to have been found ?
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    I watched the last surviving episode, A Slight Case of Matrimony, earlier and have to say I'm devastated there aren't any more to look forward to. The far from complete Series 2 seemed set to top the first, which really was Dark in content. Just as I was starting to enjoy it ... Roger Rowland (much-mentioned of late!), turned up yet again - as a knife-wielding, carpet-cutting villain.

    William Mervyn's new co-stars (John Stratton, Veronica Strong and Anthony Ainley) played more likeable characters, in my opinion, although I did feel sorry for Keith Barron and June Tobin, John Carson's wife in the show, as their secret romance was unfulfilled. When I read, before viewing the Series 1 finale, that they were "tragically attracted to each other", I thought of Richard Burton and Claire Bloom in The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. Their last scene together wasn't quite as dramatic.

    An impressive woman, Miss Tobin. Very well-built and very much my type, apart from an unsightly mole similiar to the one Lee Etheridge has (the bareMinerals lady).

    Incidentally, A Slight Case of Matrimony was transmitted just three days after I was born - 26th
    March 1965. The following week's (lost) episode was The Party. Here is the Daily Mirror preview:

    An interesting connection here. Veronica Strong was the first actress to play Louise in Adam Adamant
    , a role later played by Mary Yeomans - Michael Johnson's regular co-star in The Human Jungle.

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    I watched the first series which I found quite variable; some of the storylines were bold for its time, but apart from Inspector Rose himself, I have to say I didn't really like any of the other regular characters.

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