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    Looking for this series of seven and one episode in particularly Cherryripe and the Lugworm Digger which starred Julie Peasgood. The theme tune was Charles Aznavour's She.

    Only remember this vaguely but has stuck in my mind for nearly 40 years.

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    (in French accent) "Sh..eeeeeee maybe the famine or the feast or the price I have to pay"

    Sadly, shows featuring female leads don't seem to get the attention that other shows do, do they?
    I doubt if this show has been seen since its premier?

    Network of course have recently released Justice with Margaret Lockwood
    so maybe this is a breakthrough?

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    Sorry, don't remember this.

    But talking about Julie Peasgood - I flicked onto the Argos channel the other day, and there she was, selling things!
    Still looking very good, I did feel her talents are being wasted.

    But hey - its work, and she gets lots of screen time!

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