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    Hi gang
    Hope all are well and Happy New Year to you all.
    A couple of movies I can't remember, hope someone out there can help
    Here goes

    The first one is an old comedy - a full size film - but I have no idea which
    comedians were the heroes. It could be the two Ronnies, Morecombe and Wise
    or anyone else. As far as I can remember, the two protagonists have booked a
    holiday on the seaside. They arrive in their room with their luggage. They
    look at the view from their room and see, with delight, the beach and the
    sea. However, slowly, the view disappears from their eyes to leave place to
    a main shopping street. The view was actually an advert on a big lorry which
    has now driven off. One of the scenes in the film was when one of the two
    goes sunbathing but somehow (forgot the reason) he could not go into the
    park and his tan has all the lines of the gate on his body.
    The only other scene I remember is one when a woman goes to the public
    toilet and comes out with her dress half tucked in her knickers. In my
    memory, it was a very very funny film. Does it ring a bell at all?

    - the other film is much more serious. Black and white. A young couple. For
    the man's job, they have to move somewhere in an Asian country where the man
    has a steady affair with a local woman. The wife decides to go back to the
    UK where she asks for a divorce. Her father is a lawyer but the law, at the
    time, did not permit women to ask for a divorce though, men could if their
    wives' infidelity was proved. The whole film is about the trial and the
    wife's fight to win the case with the help of her father and other

    Best wishes and any help much appreciated.

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    The first is one of the Morecambe and Wise feature-length films. Of the two 'holiday' escapades I'm veering towards The Magnificent Two.

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